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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Hollis, Izzie, and I have had such a wonderful few days! We heard on the news Friday that Augusta was going to get snow on Sunday night, but as an Augusta Native I am always skeptical. So many times in my childhood the weatherman would predict snowfall, only for us to be disappointed when it didn’t stick or never came at all! Now when they predict snow my response is always “I’ll believe it when I see it!”

Sunday night we ate dinner at my parents house and went home to wind down... by the time we got home my mom texted me to tell me it was snowing at their house… shortly after we started getting sleet and then snow! I was so excited but still I wasn’t sure if it would stick. The snow started accumulating and it continued snowing as we slept! I woke up at 5am after having a nightmare all the snow had melted before I got up. I looked outside and it was a gorgeous winter wonderland!

We had a great day in the snow (because work and school was cancelled). Izzie was completely confused by the snow and really didn’t understand what was happening but Hollis got some good footage of her running around trying to find her toy.

We went to our neighbors, Paul and Jamie’s and we went sledding down a hill near our house, which was really fun. Hollis also got some footage of me sledding (you can view this at the bottom of this entry).

Tuesday work and school had been cancelled as well. We spent the day catching up on cleaning and I finished up my thank you notes! We didn’t play in the snow because it was melting, but we enjoyed having a productive day around the house!

The snow was so beautiful and I took a photograph of our home! It was our first snow as homeowners! I hope we enjoy many more snows in our lovely home!

Much Love,

Grace & Hollis Inman 

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