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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our First Post & Izzie's First Accident!

We’ve decided to start a blog to update our family and friends on what is going in our lives! We figured this would be especially helpful and interesting to those who don’t live in our hometown. While Hollis is a major proponent of this idea I am pretty certain I will be the one updated it, but who knows maybe I can get him to write a few entries every now and then!

Izzie had her first “accident” last night. She was running through the yard chasing a neighborhood cat and ran over a steel post. The steel post went into her chest.  I almost fainted at the site of her wound, but Hollis was very calm – imagine that! At first we thought we just needed to clean the wound and use butterflies to hold it together, that was a feat in and of itself. I almost fainted while Hollis was cleaning out her wound. I obviously cannot handle blood and bodily functions… but after it was all cleaned out and butterflied up we decided to email a picture of it to our dear friend Dr. John Frederick… upon inspection he said he probably should stitch her up.

I had a wake for a close family friend so Hollis took her over to John’s house. John and his lovely wife Dagni helped patch her up and she received 3 stitches. She was very good (Hollis of course filmed the whole escapade). I am incredibly thankful to our friends who probably saved us a couple hundred dollar vet bill!

She is moping around the house, not moving much, looking extremely pitiful. Breaks my heart!

Izzie will be four on January 21st and this is her first major accident! Seeing her in pain has brought me to tears a few times so I hope she is back to her spunky self soon.

Much Love,

Grace & Hollis Inman