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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Growing Pains

Things have been a bit stressful lately here at in the Inman Household. Hollis has been working a lot and has been studying even more. Basically he has been “working” 60+ hours a week.  While I am extremely proud of him and thankful for the sacrifices he is making for our family this leaves little time for relaxing, spending time together, and training our dear darling Edisto.

Unfortunately Edisto is a little less trained than we had hoped. It is quite obvious to both of us that he has had a really sad past and as a result he has severe separation anxiety issues. This is something I am accustomed to because my lovely Izzie had the same problem when she was a puppy. However Izzie weighed about 9lbs as a puppy and Edisto is more like 80. The destruction that has ensued is something I am not accustomed to.

So far he has eaten my coach sunglasses, 2 pairs of my shoes, my laptop charger, our blue striped couch, and our laundry room door. In addition he has peed twice on Hollis’ side of the bed.

Regardless of what Edisto destroys he is ours, we adopted him and we are going to stick by his side. I firmly believe he needs us, just like Izzie needed me when I found her. Dogs like Izzie and Edisto make the best pets, because they are so thankful you have given them the chance to have a happy life. And I fully intend on giving them the happiest life I can!

Much Love,
Grace Inman