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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Growing Pains

Things have been a bit stressful lately here at in the Inman Household. Hollis has been working a lot and has been studying even more. Basically he has been “working” 60+ hours a week.  While I am extremely proud of him and thankful for the sacrifices he is making for our family this leaves little time for relaxing, spending time together, and training our dear darling Edisto.

Unfortunately Edisto is a little less trained than we had hoped. It is quite obvious to both of us that he has had a really sad past and as a result he has severe separation anxiety issues. This is something I am accustomed to because my lovely Izzie had the same problem when she was a puppy. However Izzie weighed about 9lbs as a puppy and Edisto is more like 80. The destruction that has ensued is something I am not accustomed to.

So far he has eaten my coach sunglasses, 2 pairs of my shoes, my laptop charger, our blue striped couch, and our laundry room door. In addition he has peed twice on Hollis’ side of the bed.

Regardless of what Edisto destroys he is ours, we adopted him and we are going to stick by his side. I firmly believe he needs us, just like Izzie needed me when I found her. Dogs like Izzie and Edisto make the best pets, because they are so thankful you have given them the chance to have a happy life. And I fully intend on giving them the happiest life I can!

Much Love,
Grace Inman 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome Edisto!

I have truly been slacking on the blogging, because so much has happened in the past few weeks. You might notice a change in our blog header. We have added a new addition to our family. His name is Edisto and he is a two year old weimeraner!

Hollis has always wanted a weimeraner. We knew we didn’t have time for a puppy and we wanted to adopt an older dog instead, because there are so many older dogs that are in desperate need of homes! Frequently I would browse pet adoption agencies on the internet to see if any of the dogs caught my eye. Edisto seemed like a perfect candidate. (His name was Barclay but we changed the name). We drove up to Atlanta to meet him and brought him home the same day! He has a very sweet disposition and is extremely curious.

Izzie is a little peeved that we have brought another dog into her territory. She has been an only dog for 4 years and prefers cats over dogs, but I have been very proud of her behavior. She hasn’t acted out at all. I think she is warming up to him more and more every day.

We enjoy taking them both the dog park! Edisto jumps right in and plays with all of the other dogs but Izzie is a lot more shy, and I am hoping weekly trips to the dog park might make her more social.

Hollis went back to school this semester and has been enjoying his classes. He is getting a second bachelor degree in Computer Science. Augusta State University has already opened the door for a great opportunity as he is interning at Fort Gordon developing Android applications! I am really proud of how dedicated he has been in his studies and towards his internship. Although it really cuts back on our time together, I know it is for the greater good of our family and I am so glad he is doing something he loves!

I have a very busy month ahead of me both at work and my extracurricular activities. I have a conference at the end of the month and we are getting down to the wire for Junior League’s attic sale. I have really enjoyed my experience with Junior League and I have met so many wonderful women. I feel like we really make a difference in the community and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to serve Augusta!

Much Love,

Hollis and Grace Inman

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Hollis, Izzie, and I have had such a wonderful few days! We heard on the news Friday that Augusta was going to get snow on Sunday night, but as an Augusta Native I am always skeptical. So many times in my childhood the weatherman would predict snowfall, only for us to be disappointed when it didn’t stick or never came at all! Now when they predict snow my response is always “I’ll believe it when I see it!”

Sunday night we ate dinner at my parents house and went home to wind down... by the time we got home my mom texted me to tell me it was snowing at their house… shortly after we started getting sleet and then snow! I was so excited but still I wasn’t sure if it would stick. The snow started accumulating and it continued snowing as we slept! I woke up at 5am after having a nightmare all the snow had melted before I got up. I looked outside and it was a gorgeous winter wonderland!

We had a great day in the snow (because work and school was cancelled). Izzie was completely confused by the snow and really didn’t understand what was happening but Hollis got some good footage of her running around trying to find her toy.

We went to our neighbors, Paul and Jamie’s and we went sledding down a hill near our house, which was really fun. Hollis also got some footage of me sledding (you can view this at the bottom of this entry).

Tuesday work and school had been cancelled as well. We spent the day catching up on cleaning and I finished up my thank you notes! We didn’t play in the snow because it was melting, but we enjoyed having a productive day around the house!

The snow was so beautiful and I took a photograph of our home! It was our first snow as homeowners! I hope we enjoy many more snows in our lovely home!

Much Love,

Grace & Hollis Inman 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our First Post & Izzie's First Accident!

We’ve decided to start a blog to update our family and friends on what is going in our lives! We figured this would be especially helpful and interesting to those who don’t live in our hometown. While Hollis is a major proponent of this idea I am pretty certain I will be the one updated it, but who knows maybe I can get him to write a few entries every now and then!

Izzie had her first “accident” last night. She was running through the yard chasing a neighborhood cat and ran over a steel post. The steel post went into her chest.  I almost fainted at the site of her wound, but Hollis was very calm – imagine that! At first we thought we just needed to clean the wound and use butterflies to hold it together, that was a feat in and of itself. I almost fainted while Hollis was cleaning out her wound. I obviously cannot handle blood and bodily functions… but after it was all cleaned out and butterflied up we decided to email a picture of it to our dear friend Dr. John Frederick… upon inspection he said he probably should stitch her up.

I had a wake for a close family friend so Hollis took her over to John’s house. John and his lovely wife Dagni helped patch her up and she received 3 stitches. She was very good (Hollis of course filmed the whole escapade). I am incredibly thankful to our friends who probably saved us a couple hundred dollar vet bill!

She is moping around the house, not moving much, looking extremely pitiful. Breaks my heart!

Izzie will be four on January 21st and this is her first major accident! Seeing her in pain has brought me to tears a few times so I hope she is back to her spunky self soon.

Much Love,

Grace & Hollis Inman